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The range of property listings coupled with the extraordinary geographical fecundity and excellent pricing, make Lamudi simply unbeatable! Apartments in Bole are just as easy to come by as office space in Summit or plots of land in Megenagna. Our aim, to cater to all members of society, ensures that the range of prices is competitive and fair, enabling everyone to find their dream home at Lamudi. If your wish is to sell or rent out some prime real estate market, then Jumia House Ethiopia is the perfect choice.

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The Ethiopian property market has been experiencing an unprecedented boom in recent times. With the number of for sale and to let real estate properties sky-rocketing, it has never been easier for you to find the home you have always dreamed of! Whether you are looking for a luxury apartment in Addis Ababa, a modest plot of Land in Ayat, or commercial property for your new business venture in CMC, Lamudi has the perfect deal for you! Equally, if your aim is to sell or rent out a piece of equity.

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There is a whole host of reasons why Lamudi is the perfect choice for you! Perhaps most important amongst these is the highly regarded “Trusted Seller” seal of approval, which is an innovation unique to Lamudi, and which guarantees that the persons or company you deal with are reputable and honest! Therefore, you can always trust Lamudi to combat fraud and act in your best interests in your dealings on the real estate market. Another point worth remembering is that Lamudi is 100% free!

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